Senior, Business Management Major
Hobbies: Baseball, Tennis, Cars
Hi, members! I'm the president of JSA. My name, Ryohei, seems to be very hard to pronounce for non-Japanese Speakers. I already get used to be called "Ry-O-Hee" or something like that, so please don't hesitate to call my name! I'll accept whatever the way you call my name :D After graduating from high school in Japan, I spent 2 years in Seattle for my community college and transferred to ASU in 2011. I've been here in Arizona only for one and a half year, but I love Arizona! I love playing baseball and tennis, and driving in this perfect weather! As JSA president, I would like to provide you as many opportunities as possible to make your life in ASU meaningful. But, what makes your life here wonderful is not us, but yourself! We, JSA, will give you the opportunities, so please use JSA for your benefit :D Thank you!

Ryohei Sawai, President

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