About Us

The presence of JSA -
through cultural exchange, to provide "excitement" and "joy" to students

JSA What Can Bring to You -?
Through the Cultural Exchange, we Provide Opportunities for "NEW Cultural Awareness" and "interest for Communicating."

-What is JSA? -
Day-to-day activities at the Arizona State University (Arizona State University), Japanese Student Association and (JSA) is the official student organization of the University. Mainly students, we, JSA is "Japanese culture" , "language exchange" , "help each other by other students" on brainstorm proposals that focus on, repeated meetings carefully, working in a variety of activities and out.

Japanese Student Association is a group of students who Are interested in: "Experiencing English Culture" "Language Exchange" "Supporting Other Students" Focusing on three THESE Points, we create NEW Ideas for Cultural Activities and attractive to Our members make Them

Since reestablished in 2009, we, JSA officers and members as one group, always created unique and meaningful events while contributing to understand Japanese cultures to people from all over the world. Now, we have over 100 members joining JSA and we are very glad to announce that more than half of JSA members are the local and international students!

All of our members have different interests in Japanese cultures. Some members come to JSA activities because they love Japanese "Food", "Fashion" and "Cities". Your interests make JSA more interesting and fun group.
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